Amy B. Pedersen

CIIE Advanced Fellow

Centre for Infection, Immunity & Evolution
Institute of Evolutionary Biology
Institute of Immunology and Infection Research
School of Biological Sciences
University of Edinburgh

Office: Room 407, Ashworth Laboratory 2
Lab: Room 417, Ashworth Laboratory 2
Telephone: +44 (0) 31 650 8674
Email: amy.pedersen(at)
2009-present: CIIE Advanced Fellow, University of Edinburgh
2006 - 2009:
Royal Society International Incoming Research Fellow, Department of Animal and Plant Science, University of Sheffield
2005 - 2006:
Postdoctoral Researcher, Institute of Ecology, University of Georgia (Advisor: Dr Sonia Altizer)
2000 - 2005:
PhD Biological Sciences, University of Virginia (Advisor: Prof Janis Antonovics)
1995 - 1999:
BS Biological Sciences, George Washington University, USA

Research interests
My research focuses on the importance of multi-host parasites and in particular on the factors that drive disease emergence. Much research in disease ecology and evolution focuses on the one host–one parasite framework. And yet, in natural systems, hosts are usually co-infected by multiple parasites, and many parasites can infect several host species. I focus on understanding host-parasite interactions in this realistic context. My past and current work has sought to significantly expand this perspective by (i) evaluating the interactions that occur between co-infecting parasites and their implications for host health and (ii) to advance our knowledge of how multi-host parasites contribute to disease emergence.

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