In natural systems, hosts are usually co-infected by multiple parasites, and many parasites can infect several host species. Our research on host-parasite interactions aims to incorporate this realistic, multiple host - multiple parasite/pathogen context. Specifically we (i) evaluate the competitive interactions that occur between co-infecting parasites and the immune response to understand rates of disease spread and their impact on host health; and (ii) strive to elucidate the factors that drive host shifts disease emergence in multi-host parasites.

We aim to tackle the one host - one parasite framework that dominates the study of disease ecology and evolution.

Latest news:
  • We have a postdoctoral research associate position available in the lab. The deadline is February 23 2012, and please email Amy if you have questions. More information here.
  • Many members of the Pedersen group (Sarah, Emily and Amy) will be presenting their research at the British Ecological Society meeting in Sheffield, UK from 12 - 14 September 2011.
  • Courtney Thomason was awarded two grants to understand the dynamics of coinfection in wild populations of Peromyscus in southwestern Virginia (Mountain Lake Biological Station). She was awarded a Sigma Xi Grant - in - Aid and a grant from the American Society of Mammalogy!
  • There are several new papers from the Pedersen group:
  • The Pedersen Group is part of a new research group at Edinburgh called "Wild Immunology", check out our new website

  • The Pedersen Group Webpage is NOW live, but still under construction!